About Menucha

We started Menucha in 2019 as a group of Orthodox Jewish women in North West London. We all have first hand experience of postnatal depression and perinatal mental health issues, which became the driving force behind our passion for Menucha.

We realised that many women in the community going through perinatal mood disorders often feel isolated and  reluctant to talk about what they are experiencing. This can be due to stigma, lack of knowledge or misunderstanding from those around them. Some women are also unaware of the services available that could help them.

At Menucha we aim to provide advice and support to empower Jewish women and their families experiencing Perinatal Mood Disorders.

 We will campaign to improve accessibility to services, raise awareness and promote understanding of these issues. Menucha's goal is to alleviate the severity of Perinatal Mood disorders by ensuring every woman and her family can access help quickly, efficiently and feel confident.

What Menucha can help with

What professionals think of Menucha

Guidance and Advice

Menucha receives Rabbinical guidance from Rabbi Zimmerman.

Local Rabbonim in Golders Green have also endorsed and express a need for an organisation like Menucha.

For a full list of endorsements please email the Menucha office