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Rebbetzin Esti Hamilton has been an educator and senior lecturer for the past decade. She specialises in teaching classes on spiritual growth, character building and relationships, with an expertise in bespoke relationship coaching. 


Mrs Chayelle Regal is perhaps best known as director of the Regal Productions shows - creating 16 shows over the last 17 years, touring the world to raise money for Zir Chemed (a charity for helping couples with fertility challenges). Join us as she shares her challenges and triumphs at our live event. 


Bracha is a well- known musical star among Jewish audiences, producers and musicians across the globe. Her masterful singing encompasses a colourful blend of material, always evoking powerful reactions from her listeners. On the same night, her audiences will cry along with her soul stirring ballads and dance exuberantly from her upbeat songs. You can find her on instagram @brachajaffe.

Chayelle Regal

Bracha Jaffe

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