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Menucha is here to help you. What I need to do is take some information which I will pass onto the clinical manager who will call you back as soon as possible.

Do you feel your wife/friend/ daughter is safe at the moment?


I appreciate this is difficult for you and you have definitely done the right thing by calling our
 Based on what I have been told by the caller and the answers to the specific questions I have asked, there is a need for the caller to receive immediate care via emergency services or to get an emergency appointment with their GP. Together you can discuss what choice you both want to take, someone will be calling back in 15min to see what action they decided to take.

As a helpline operator you do not need to go to a crisis call, the responsibility to call emergency services is in the hands of the other adult with the caller. Contact the manager online and inform them what has happened, they will take over this case.


Do you feel she is at any risk of harming herself or the baby?



Thank you, you have done the right thing by calling us and we will help you. I will pass your details onto the clinical manager and she will be in touch shortly to take some more information and advise you on what to do next.

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