Information for Family and Friends:

If you feel that a family member or friend might have any Perinatal Mood disorder they might not realise or want to acknowledge that this is the case and that you can tell because they’re not behaving as they usually do. Furthermore, any of these disorders can develop slowly and over time so they might not feel the changes but you can see them.

Some of the Main Signs

Frequently crying for no obvious reason

If you think that a relative or friend may be suffering from a Perinatal Mood disorder please encourage them to speak to a trained professional or call the Menucha helpline for some further advice. See our resource list for available services you can access.

Top Tips for

Family and Friends

Try to give the person in question as much practical help as possible. PMDs make sufferers feel extremely tired and small tasks feel like huge ones. Menucha is able to help with this so get in contact if you think we could help.