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We invite you to explore the extensive collection of testimonials we have received from professionals, community members, and service users. These testimonials serve as powerful endorsements of the impact and effectiveness of our services. You will find a diverse range of firsthand accounts and stories, showcasing the positive experiences and outcomes that individuals have achieved through our programs and support.

All testimonials have been provided willingly and reflect the genuine experiences of those individuals. We are grateful for their openness in sharing their stories and for the opportunity to share them with you. Please note that all firsthand accounts and stories have had all names and any identifying details changed to protect client privacy.

Read personal accounts here;

Chaya's Story

Dina's Story

Kayla's Story

Menucha fills a really vital role in an area where there has really been a lack of support from the community

DR Y Adler

Community GP

For us as GPs, having somewhere to send our patients to get that level of support will be absolutely fantastic

DR F Rosenberg

Community GP

Menucha is going to be a vital part of the community and opening the conversation for the perinatal women

Karen Mettle

NHS Perinatal Services

[Menucha is] an organisation who on an ongoing basis is saving Pekuach Nefesh Mamash

Rabbi Y M Greenberg

Rabbi of GGBH

Client Husband

Golders Green, NW11

The Menucha program has given my wife the tools and knowledge she needed to navigate through the difficulties she faced.

How did it take a community such as ours so long to come up with the support that is so needed

Menucha Caller

Golders Green, NW11

After working as a therapist for over 20 years, the value of your work should not be underestimated


NW London

I am now a grandmother, I wish your service would have been there for me all those years ago

Menucha Caller

Edgeware, HA8

WOW, I finally understand what is going on in my mind. I feel so optimistic that I will feel myself again

Menucha Client

July 2023

Menucha was there for me during my darkest days and celebrated all of my small victories,

I owe them a lot

Menucha Client

May 2023

I was so impressed at the length my Case Manager went to maintain my anonymity, it made me feel so safe

Menucha Client

February 2023

Menucha has made the changes I have had possible. I now have the tools to carry on, on my own

Menucha Client

November 2022

"I was really impressed with how seriously Menucha took my confidentiality

Menucha Client

October 2022

There was no waiting time, within 1 week Menucha had linked up with my GP and Midwife

Menucha Client

July 2022

It was the easiest place I have asked for help, nothing was too much. It felt like Menucha was a partner in my journey

Menucha Client

May 2022

Menucha made me realise I was not crazy for what I was experiencing and that it is actually common

Menucha Client

March 2022

This is the first time i have asked for help and not felt judged

Menucha Client

January 2022

Menucha has made the changes I have had possible. I now have the tools to carry on, on my own

Menucha Client

November 2021

Menucha worked together with my Doctors and Psychiatric team to ensure I received thebest possible care

Menucha Client

September 2021

Menucha not only helped me but made sure my family was supported and looked after while I was unwell

Menucha Client

July 2021

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