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  • Breakfast with Rabbi Pini Dunner
    Mon, 06 Feb
    Location details on ticket
    Rabbi of the Pulpit, Podium & Podcast, whose research and insights present truths that are crazier than fiction
  • Menucha's Big Talk
    Mon, 14 Nov
    Kinloss Suites
    Menucha’s Big Talk is taking place at Kinloss on 14th November 2022 and will attract hundreds of women with an interest in motherhood, women’s health, self-care, and wellbeing.
  • Broomsticks, Brushes & Candlesticks
    Sun, 22 May
    Hasmonean High School for Girls
    Featuring Ayelet Elnecave, international public speaker and educator at the Neve Campus, she will humorously share her riveting and magical journey to geirus. To purchase a recoding of this event to go -
  • Chanukah Retail Therapy
    Mon, 06 Dec
    Local London Businesses
    We’ve teamed up with some wonderful shops who’ll each donate part of their profits to Menucha on one of the days of Chanukah.
  • A Night of Inspiration and Song
    Thu, 29 Apr
    Live Zoom Event
    Featuring Chayelle Regal of Regal Productions and Bracha Jaffe singer and entertainer introduced by Rebbezin Esti Hamilton. To purchase a recoding of this event to go -
  • Cultural Training
    Mon, 19 Oct
    An evening aimed at creating a deeper understanding of the cultural issues surrounding the perinatal period in the Orthodox Jewish community.
  • Awareness Evening (2)
    Mon, 06 Jul
    Birth supporters, antenatal teachers, breastfeeding councillors and women who have face to face contact with perinatal women come join us and make a difference.
  • Awareness Evening
    Wed, 01 Jul
    Rebbetzins, Kallah teachers and Mikvah attendants, your frontline role in the community is vital! Join us in making a difference
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