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  • What is Menucha?
    Menucha is a dedicated charity with a mission to empower Jewish women and their families by providing essential advice and support. Our primary goal is to improve accessibility to culturally appropriate services, increase awareness, foster understanding, and combat the stigma surrounding perinatal mental health. At Menucha, we firmly believe in equal access to specialised and high-quality therapy for all women, regardless of their circumstances. We are committed to breaking down barriers and ensuring that every individual seeking support receives the assistance they deserve on their journey towards healing and well-being.
  • What does Menucha do?
    Menucha is dedicated to providing compassionate and non-judgmental advice to individuals in need. We offer specialised perinatal therapeutic services, referrals, and advocacy to ensure comprehensive support for our clients. For more detailed information on the ways in which we can help, please visit our "How We Help" page. There, you will find a comprehensive overview of the services and resources available through Menucha.
  • What is the Information and Referral Line?
    We understand that reaching out for help can be daunting, which is why our team of trained call handlers is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you're thinking about pregnancy, pregnant or postnatal, our compassionate call handlers will provide guidance, answer your questions, and offer valuable information. If appropriate, they can also help arrange your next steps in joining the Menucha Programme. When you call, we prioritise your privacy and do not require any personal information initially. Simply providing a phone number allows our Clinical Team to call you back within 72 hours. During this call back, one of our dedicated case managers will sensitively gather more in-depth personal and case details. Your case will then be promptly reviewed by our Clinical Team, who will design the best support plan for you within the Menucha Programme. Our goal is to ensure you receive the most effective and tailored assistance on your journey towards recovery.
  • How does Menucha set up the right support for you?
    During the initial assessment, one of our experienced therapists will work closely with you to understand your symptoms and triggers. This crucial step allows us to carefully match you with the therapist on our team who can best address your specific needs. Additionally, if you require physical support alongside therapy, we will assign a dedicated Case Manager to ensure a comprehensive approach to your care. Once your assessment is complete, your assigned Case Manager will reach out to discuss your personalised treatment plan. They will ensure your comfort with the assigned therapist and explore any additional services, such as involving your GP, that may be recommended for your plan. Typically, initial assessments last between 60 and 90 minutes, although in some cases, two sessions may be necessary to fully comprehend your situation and develop a thorough treatment plan. Our priority is to provide you with the comprehensive support and care you need on your path towards healing.
  • What happens in therapy?
    Once you are comfortable with your allocated therapist, we will share your file with her, and she will reach out to you directly to schedule your first appointment. In this initial session, your therapist will discuss her therapeutic approach, confidentiality guidelines, session timings, and cancellation policy. This will provide you with a clear understanding of how she works and what to expect. You will have the opportunity to openly share your reasons for seeking counseling, your current thoughts and feelings, and begin establishing a comfortable working relationship. Embarking on therapy can be an initially daunting but courageous step towards self-reflection, identifying patterns, and gaining a deeper understanding of your emotions. It is a process that involves exploring and managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. While therapy may sometimes feel uncomfortable and may bring up challenging experiences, its ultimate goal is to empower you with self-awareness and equip you with skills to navigate difficult times. We recommend giving therapy at least six weeks to fully assess its impact. After this period, there will be an automatic review to evaluate your progress and experience. If, at any point, you feel the need to discontinue counseling before the recommended six-week mark, it is important to communicate this with your therapist or Case Manager. Sharing your concerns and reasons for discontinuation allows us to explore alternative options and ensure your needs are met effectively.
  • What is the charge for Therapy?
    We suggest a £30 payment towards your initial assessment (even if it takes two sessions to create your treatment plan you do not need to pay for the second session). We then suggest a £60 payment per therapy session. All payments for therapy are made directly to Menucha.
  • What happens if I can't afford therapy?
    At Menucha, we are committed to ensuring that therapy is accessible to all Jewish women, regardless of financial constraints, lack of family support, or any other barriers. If you are facing any obstacles that prevent you from seeking help, please reach out to our Clinical Manager, who can assist you in accessing one of our many subsidy plans. We also offer a sponsorship program where your entire journey through Menucha can be sponsored, eliminating any financial burden on your part. Our aim is to ensure that nothing stands in the way of you receiving the support you need.
  • Does Menucha offer physical support?
    At Menucha, we understand the importance of comprehensive support beyond therapy alone. That's why we have curated an extensive list of organisations that provide practical assistance such as meals, childcare, transportation, and more. We also have direct connections with midwives and public services to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. Our commitment to your privacy is paramount. If you and your therapist identify any support needs, rest assured that our allocated Case Manager will discreetly arrange the necessary assistance, prioritising your confidentiality and maintaining a safe and supportive environment throughout your journey towards recovery.
  • What is a Case Manager?
    At Menucha, we understand the importance of ongoing support throughout your journey, which is why most of our clients are assigned a dedicated Case Manager. Their role is to provide you with continuous support, listen to your concerns, and assist in coordinating any physical care that may contribute to your recovery. Your Case Manager will schedule regular check-in calls with you on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to ensure your well-being. It is essential to emphasise that the confidentiality of your therapy sessions remains strictly between you and your therapist. The Case Manager is not privy to this information unless you explicitly grant permission to your therapist to share relevant details that may aid in implementing additional care. We prioritise your comfort and always seek your approval before assigning a Case Manager to you.
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