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Donating To Menucha

Menucha is a non-profit charity dedicated to providing assistance and therapy to women and their families who are facing Perinatal Mental Health disorders. We are committed to offering our resources at no cost to those who seek our help.

When you choose to donate to Menucha, you can trust that every penny you contribute goes directly towards funding our various programs and services. These initiatives include providing extra physical help and support for families, organising awareness evenings to raise awareness about Perinatal Mental Health, and offering therapy sessions conducted by our specially trained therapists.

We deeply appreciate your generous donations and support for Menucha. Your contributions play a crucial role in enabling us to continue offering vital assistance and making a positive impact in the lives of women and their families. Thank you for your ongoing support as we strive to provide comprehensive care and resources to those in need.

BACS - 66679036 | 51-50-11
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